Friday, August 13, 2010

Free Burgers August 28th

I'm pleased to announce that on August 28, 2010 I'll cooking and giving away free slider burgers at the Sparking Pointe Winery in Southhold NY (North Fork of LI). Event starts at 1pm.

These burgers will feature the famous house blend of chop meat from NYC's Pat La Frieda meats and will be topped with the most amazing cheese called Snofrisk, which is from Norway and Rock Chive Cress; Snofrisk is much like cream cheese but is made from 80% goat milk; I first served similar burgers in June 2010 at the James Beard House. Since then these Snofrisk burgers have become increasing popular. I'm bringing enough meat to make 200 sliders, starting at 1pm. So come down, check out the burgers, the music (Live Music by Ray Penney) and the Sparking Wine...

Sparkling Pointe happens to be the only winery in New York State who exclusively produces Sparkling Wines. All vintages are made in the Methode Champenoise Style, respecting the traditional methods of making French Champagne. Since it’s birth in 2001, Sparkling Pointe has gained national recognition, winning the Sweepstakes Award at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine competition for the Best Sparkling in America in 2008.

Since the Sparkling Pointe tasting room has been open, in October of 2009, it has been voted as one of the Top 5 Venue’s Outside of NYC by BizBash Magazine.

Specially for August 28th these burgers will be topped with Rock Chive Cress a micro vegetable from Koppert Cress which is also located on Long Island.

Vineyard/Winery Address (For GPS)
39750 CR-48
Southold, NY 11971

For more information:
Contact Info

Sparking Pointe

Koppert Cress


Monday, May 31, 2010

Chef Hawk at James Beard House

Still tickets available for the dinner i'm working on at the James Beard House..

Get tickets 00->

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Schnack Catering

Please call about Schnack Catering, perfect for all events year round. We do love to be outside cooking at your spring, summer and fall events.

You can call me right now..

Friday, April 16, 2010

NYC Food Film Festival

Our first big PR hit came today with this post to Grub street..

Our food truck drive in movie... the admission and the movies are free but you need to buy the food from the vendors if you want to eat.

Get tickets while they last..

Beer Shakes and Milk Shakes

I've just confirmed that I will be teaching a Beer Shake and Milk Shake class at The Brooklyn Kitchen June 14th.

Call or email them for details

Beer Shakes and Milk Shakes

I've just confirmed that I will be teaching a Beer Shake and Milk Shake class at The Brooklyn Kitchen June 14th.

Call or email them for details

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food Diary

Well, as I mentioned i'm just back from Maine.. I keep notes on where and what I ate. Here it is..

Food Diary:

Food Diary:

Wed Night @ Ground Round in Bangor
• Asian styled rolls
• Penne & Chicken with Vodka sauce

Thurs Noon @ the Harbor Café in Stonington
• Fish Pan Fried with olive oil
• ½ cup of “wheat rice”
• Spinach

Thurs Night @ Home
• Conundrum 2006 California White Table Wine
• Appetizer of Cold Smoked wild North Atlantic Salmon
• Pan sautéed native scallops & yellow onion with a white wine and balsamic vinegar reduction
• Allen’s Turnip Greens
• Chunky Money Ice Cream

Friday AM @ the Harbor Café
• 1 blueberry pancake
• 1 cup of oatmeal
• Egg Beaters Omelet with mushroom, onion and white AM cheese

Friday Lunch
• Pulled Chicken Sandwich
• Blueberry Muffin (too dry and too much cinnamon)

Friday Dinner @ The Pilgrim Inn
• White Burgundy
• Wild Mushroom Risotto
• Seafood Casserole with Broccoli and peas and mashed potatoes

Friday @ Home
• Rum Raisin with golden raisins from Ice Cream Lady

Saturday Brunch @ Home
• Lobster tails and Peaky Toe Crab sautéed with shrimp paste, sambal Badjak, yellow onion, butter, white wine and garlic served over whole wheat pasta .

Saturday Dinner @ Home
 Mixed Green Salad with Grape Tomatoes
 Seafood Supreme
 Lobster Tail
 Peaky Toe Crab
 Mixed Smoked Seafood
 Paprika
 3 year old aged Gouda
 Plain non fat Yogurt
 Bread Crumbs
 1999 Reserve Chardonnay by Viansa Winery (Sonoma, Ca.)
 Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Sunday Breakfast @ Home
 Oatmeal

Sunday Lunch @ Youngs Lobster Pound
 1.5 Lbs Lobster
 Steamers
 Cheddar Chips
 NO butter

Sunday Dinner @ Arborvine
 Bagaduce River Oysters on the half shell with a frozen sake mignonette
 Native Topneck Clams Casino Style(6)
 Carding Brook Farm Heirloom Tomatoes and Cucumber with Fresh Mozzarella (Wisconsin) and a creamy pesto vinaigrette
 Venison Tenderloin “hunter style” with Wild Mushroom, Saffron Risotto Cake, local baby brussel sprouts and baby carrots
 Cheese Plate with pear and champagne grapes (local cheeses)
 Leelanau Raclette (US) Cave Aged 90 says (Sutton Bay, Michigan). Best in show American Cheese Society Awards.
 Valley Shepherd Oldwick Shepherd (US) Pyrenees style cave aged ewes milk cheese from Long Valley, New Jersey.
 Seal Cove Farm Chevre (US) Aged goats milk cheese from Lamoine, Maine.
 2005 Landmark chardonnay
 Sandemans 20 Year Reserve

Monday Breakfast @ Home
 Oatmeal

Monday Lunch @ Home
 Native scallops, native free-range chicken breakfast sausage and native baby brussel spouts sautéed with Ma Pla, sambal badjak, shrimp paste and white white served with a reduction of same with plain breadcrumbs. The scallops, spouts and sausage all being local produce and organic.

Monday Dinner @ Home
 Bush’s canned beans with onions (a bit to sweet)
 Braised thigh of local Mutton with local India Pale Ale, local potatoes and hot peppers
 Soup made from the braising liquid
 Rum Raisin Ice Cream (see above)

Tues Breakfast @ Harbor Café
 Coffee
 Egg Beaters Omelet with Mush, Tomato and Onion
 Hash Browns (Shoe string)
 Toasted Bagel
 Blue Berry muffin hot from the oven (too much cinnamon, very most, not enough berries to taste but plenty to see) and melted sugar topping that wasn’t needed

Tues Lunch @ Home
 Thin slices of mutton from yesterdays braising
 Taste of cold braising liquid with fat removed E.g., Soup
o (would make nice dipping sauce for cold Japanese buckwheat noodles)

Tues Dinner @ Annie’s Restaurant
 Tossed salad
 Linguini with diced chicken, spinach and alfredo sauce
 Chicken Tenders
 Strawberry ice cream with fudge sauce
 Molasses and chocolate chip cookie
 8 inch personal sized pizza for take-away (buffalo chicken w/ mushroom)

Wednesday Breakfast (skipped, sorry Mom.)

Wednesday Lunch @ Lily’s Cafe
 1 cup and 1 mug of Miso and vegetable soup w/ noodles (so good I needed more of it)
 Two peaky toe crab meat cakes, fried crisp with canola oil
 Chocolate chip cookies with a peanut butter cream filling
 1 cup of tea (white tea w/ bergamot)
 1 cup of wild organic hot cider

Wednesday Night Dinner @ Annies
 12 inch pizza (jalapeño slices, mushrooms, onions, ham, light cheese), made with commercial crust
 Lobster Roll w/ chips
 1 scoop of moose trail ice cream

Thursday Breakfast @ Home
 Buckwheat Soba Noodles w/ dipping sauce (the braising liquid from the Mutton)
 Banana

Thursday Lunch @ Blue Moose
 Salad with bacon, nuts and other goodies
 Pork loin and caramelized onion sandwich

Thurs Dinner @ Mama DiMateo’s
 Mushroom and blue cheese crustini
 Lobster Picata

Snack @ Home
 Ginger Cookie from Blue Hill Bakery
(was really good)

Friday Breakfast (skipped)

Friday Lunch @ Harbor Café
 Italian Chicken Soup (pasta instead of noodles plus chunks of canned tomatoes, otherwise chicken soup)
 Whole wheat pasta with sugar free sauce
 Apple Muffin (much like the blueberry muffin but the heavy cinnamon works better w/ the apple)

Friday Dinner @ Lily’s Café
 2003 Sansare
 Tomato Rice Soup (no cream, all natural)
 Potato Wedges “Wedgies”; herb crushed potato wedges with light cheesed (melted) and dipping sauce.
 Fried boneless breast of chicken with mushroom gravy and sweet potato pancakes
 Chocolate chip cookie
 Native Apple & sour cream Pie
 French Roast Coffee
 Iceland Water

Saturday AM to PM grazing menu @ Home
 Whole grain bread with peanut butter
 Whole grain bread with blue cheese
 Semi Dry Madeira
 Lightly hardened sweet cider
 Veggie broth made from (Acorn Squash, potato, poblono chile, sweet corn)
 Mutton & Mushroom Risotto
 Braised Mutton (medium diced)
 Liquid left from Braising (defatted)
 Veggie broth (see above)
 Non-salt beef stock (used to finish)
 Porcini (dried) and Shitake (fresh) mushrooms
 Chicken sausage (Island Acres, finely sliced)
 3 year old aged gouda

Sunday Dinner @ Home
 Native shrimp with shrimp paste, sambal badjak and Allen’s Turnip greens

Monday Breakfast @ Harbor Café
 One Pancake & some eggs

Monday Lunch @ Lily’s Café
• A large mug of soup
• Mac & Cheese
• A cookie with chocolate chip base, berry jam and a ginger glaze

Monday Night @ Home
• Mutton Stew with rice & veggies

Tuesday Breakfast
• Skipped

Tues Lunch @ Young’s Lobster Pool Belfast Maine
• 2 pound Lobster
• 1 pound of Steamers

Tues Dinner @ Maximo’s in Bangor
• Mixed Green Salad
• Pasta Carbonara
• Lamb Chops
• Bottle of 2003 Barbarosa